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large_tis-the-season-title2.pngDecember We Welcome You!!

As we enter into the holiday season we will remember the reason for the season. It is sometimes hard when you have experienced so much heartache, brokenness, pain and sorrow. It’s hard because some of us remember the trauma and the chaos that accompanied the holidays for us and our family. We remember the anxiety, the depression and the fear that we went through.

So for this month we will focus on changing our thought process. We will counteract every negative thought, every bad memory and every traumatic event with positive thinking and the word of God. We will speak only his word over our lives and the lives of our family. We will think those thoughts that will manifest good things into our lives and that will prepare us for our next. Those thoughts that will set the stage for our 2019 year. We are believing God for great things and we are expecting him to perform miracles, signs and wonders. We want to be so wrapped up in God that there want be room for anything else. Amen!

Our Bible Study will be on the Book of Ephesians. We will also take a look into Romans Chapter 4 and Exodus Chapter 3. Get ready ya’ll. I believe God is going to show up and show out for us in the month of December but it depends on how we work our power and authority!!!

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