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Steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay.- dictionary.com God creates everyone and everything with a purpose. Your purpose is the very thing you were created to do. It is the very reason why you exist. Even the yellow jacket, an insect that many of us despise, has a purpose. Although they are pest to… Continue reading Perseverance

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We Have Power

  Power and Authority..... Power is the ability to do something or act in a particular way while authority is a power or right, usually because of rank or office, to issue a command. As I continued to research spiritual power and authority, I recieved great revelation. It was awesome guys. December is the 12th… Continue reading We Have Power

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Be Great

Titus 2:7-8 " in all things showing yourself to be a pattern of good works, in doctrine showing integrity, reverence, incorruptibility, sound speech that can not be condemed that one is an opponent may be ashamed having nothing evil to say to you."   God gives us permission to do great things. He wants us… Continue reading Be Great

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Petitioning God’s Favor

When we think of God's favor,we also think of his grace. One thing I'm coming to understand is that we were already given the gifts of grace and favor at birth. These are two of the many promises of God that is inherited to us. Meaning, once we made a decision to be born again,… Continue reading Petitioning God’s Favor

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Psalm 91 – Prayer For Protection

This is an awesome Chapter of Psalms. Once we read it, study it and meditate on it, we are assured that God is our protector. Let's break it down so that we can better understand what it is that God is saying to us  in this particular book of Psalms. It starts by saying:  He… Continue reading Psalm 91 – Prayer For Protection