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We Have Power

  Power and Authority..... Power is the ability to do something or act in a particular way while authority is a power or right, usually because of rank or office, to issue a command. As I continued to research spiritual power and authority, I recieved great revelation. It was awesome guys. December is the 12th… Continue reading We Have Power

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In the midst of the storm

Storms arise in our lives often but they serve a purpose. There is always a lesson to be learned if you are open and willing to learn it. The most important thing to remember during the storm is that God is always with us before, during and after. One thing we should do in the… Continue reading In the midst of the storm

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Psalm 91 – Prayer For Protection

This is an awesome Chapter of Psalms. Once we read it, study it and meditate on it, we are assured that God is our protector. Let's break it down so that we can better understand what it is that God is saying to us  in this particular book of Psalms. It starts by saying:  He… Continue reading Psalm 91 – Prayer For Protection